MarciaThe second Hastings LitFest took place over three days from 30th August 2019. The event was enormously successful and I was pleased and proud to be part of it. However, not being one to stay still for long, I have now stepped down as Co-Director of the Festival in order to focus on other ventures, especially my own writing. I wish the current team all the best for the 2020 LitFest and look forward with interest to participating as a visitor next year.

I am a member of the Crime Writers’ Association. The CWA, which brings together published crime writers, including writers of non-fiction, was founded in 1953 and currently has over 700 members across the UK and overseas. The CWA publishes a monthly journal, Red Herrings, and organises events for members regionally and

nationally throughout the year.  Associate Membership is available for editors, agents and booksellers.